Chase Utley

I took this picture on Monday April 3, 2006 on Opening Day prior to the beginning of the game.


Mike Lieberthal

Okay, so he’s not exactly the favorite Phillie, however, he IS the longest tenured pro-athlete in Philly and for that he deserves respect. I believe in Mike!

I’m back!


What a dreary, dreay day!  Opening Day 2006 at CBP.

So… not the way I imagined Opening Day 2006 going, but oh well… that’s life.  So this is my post of the 2006 season.  I needed to take a break away over the offseason, I just couldn’t blog.  I was so upset that the Phillies missed the playoffs by one game it was just too much to bear.  So I needed to back up and get my head right again.  Okay, so I’m back.

Reflections on yesterday’s game. 

St Louis

is easily the best offensive team in MLB, they have Rolen back and if their pitching holds up, it’s their World Series to lose.  Of course I do think the Phillies will surprise people and offensively do well this year.  It’s all about the pitching.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  PITCHING wins (or loses) games.

Lieber should NOT have been the opening say starting.  I don’t give a **** about seniority.  He had the worst ERA coming out of spring training of all starting pitchers, and I just strongly believe the guy who had the best spring (and in essence is the “hottest”) should get the honor of pitching opening day. I just think Lieber might be at the end of his career at this point. I hope I’m wrong, but again, I have this “feeling”.




STOP BOOING!  Seriously, this is stupid.  I’m not objecting to booing people who deserve it (i.e. whipping boy David Bell), but why boo Mike Lieberthal before his first at bat of the season??  Just purely idiotic.  Mike is the longest tenured pro athlete in


sports history and he got TWO hits yesterday.  If fans don’t like his contact, boo management, NOT him.

Also, stop booing Scott Rolen.  Yes, the man exited philly the worst way he could have, but it was 3 years ago… TIME TO MOVE ON.  It really is silly and childish. 

Offence looked good yesterday.  I think the Phillies will end up having quite a few 13 run games of their own.  The offence just seems to be running on “all cylinders” and that’s nice to see.

My deserving Phillie of the game is:  Jimmy Rollins

37 games!  The streak lives on!


I hate the Phillies…. no seriously…

Maybe I shouldn’t be posting right now, but I just need to scream, so excuse me for a moment:


Wish that made me feel better.  If you haven’t guessed it, the Phillies LOST to the Doggies AGAIN…. They’ve lost 11 games in a row against them.

It’s over.  I’m sorry, but I just have to get real here.  The way the Phillies are playing right now they don’t deserve to make the post season.  They can’t hit Pettitte and Oswalt, well that is the pitching they will face in the post season. 

The Phillies were hearing boos… I can’t say it wasn’t deserved.  These jerks need to get it together and act like they want to win.  Maybe they just looked at the calendar and saw it was September and freaked out.  They realized they were playing well and decided it was out of character for them.  Who knows… all I know is that the fans deserve so much better.

That’s it… I’m out.  I’m sick of this ****

Charlie Manuel is a dumb***


Doom and Gloom folks, doom and gloom… that’s what Phillies phans are feeling right now.  This series against Houston is arguably the most important series have had this season, and game 1 was lost last night by Cholly “Freakin” Manuel.


I swear the Phillies must have one of the WORST coaching staffs in MLB.  Manuel is the biggest dumb*** I’ve ever seen.  He makes the worst “in game” decisions.  Last night, he choose to use Matt Kata as a pinch runner (slow guy) instead of using Endy Chavez (fastest guy we got), and he used Chavez as a pinch hitter.  A bench guy batting .216 with no HRs is the guy at the plate with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with 2 runners in scoring position and the Phillies trailing by 1 run.  Want to take a guess with how this one ends?

It is just inexcusable. If Chavez would have been the pinch runner, he would have had a chance to score on Rollins double from first.  Kata isn’t the fastest guy so he got held at 3rd base (which is still questionable).

Overall the managing in last night’s game was atrocious. 

Myers had a rough game thank to David Bell’s error in the 1st inning.  That error set the tone for that inning where Myers gave up a 4 runs.  Myers was spectacular the rest of the game, so I just think that error by Bell shook him up.  Without that first inning, the Phillies would have shut out the doggies.

Did I mention that the Phillies have lost every game in the past two seasons vs the Astos…. The Phillies outlook just keeps looking worse and worse.

The Phillies face Oswalt tonight.  That is always a treat.  *rolls eyes*

Basically they are in a “do or die” situation here.  If they don’t win this series, I just don’t see this team making it to the post season.  The Astros schedule is way too easy from here on out (compared to other teams competing for the Wild Card).  The division title becomes more out of reach everyday. 

Phillies phans are preparing themselves for heartbreak once again.


This is a pic of Joe Carter after he hit the game winning World Series ending HR against the Phillies in 1993.  He runined my childhood.