On the right track?

So the Phillies have win number 2 under their belts!  Seems like things are lookin up for the Phightin’s.  I thought it was funny when I checked the standings in the NL East and saw the Phillies are in 3rd place!  In front of the Nationals (who are really pathetic) and the Marlins.

So things are as bad as they seemed just two days ago.  If the Phillies can get on track here and win the last game against the Braves tonight and then win the series in Colorado (I won’t say sweep, because that’s just asking for too much), and head home with a 5-7 record, I’ll be feeling like they are making progress.

Anywho…  I wish those who celebrate Easter a happy Easter!  It’s not about bunnies and candy… it’s about Jesus!


The Phillies Stink


Well it’s April 11th and I’m already sick of the Phillies.  Normally, it takes me at least a month to be totally sick of them, but it has only taken 7 games.  This team is bad.  Real bad. 

Why is this team so bad?  Well it starts with management.  Pat Gillick is retarded.  I don’t care how long he’s been in the business.  It’s time to get out.  I’m not even sure he’s an improvement from Ed Wade.  At least we had a strong bench when Wade was around.  Gillick has shipped out some good prospects for guys like Dellucci (sp?).

Our starters can’t seem to make it past the 5th inning and the bullpen which is not good (at best) is being asked to cover 4 innings or more EVERY game.  That’s tough for a good bullpen. 

The massive hitting from the offense in spring training is completely dead.  It’s like the team woke up and realized it was opening day and decided not to hit.  Utley…. Howard…. Burrell….


…. Rowand…. all have started out really slow.

I think the distracting


my Rollins hitting streak that is now over, has taught him how to be a better hitter, however, he still needs to learn how to take a pitch and get on base as a leadoff man.

Ugh… I just don’t even feel like getting into this any further.  I figure things can get much worse… but then again, I know I shouldn’t be so optimistic because this is PHILADELPHIA after all.

The Streak Ends!

T1_rollinsWell the streak ends!

Guess my prediction was WAY off.  I have a feeling that most of my predictions about the Phillies will be way off this season.

It is a sad morning.  Rollins streak ends AND the Phillies have yet to win their first game of the season.

Not just that, but they get swept by “Heaven’s Team”… if you don’t get that, it is an inside Philly joke.  It just adds insult to injury.

So I’m going to the game tonight, it is supposed to rain most of the day today, so we’ll see if this game actually happens.

Don’t jump people!There is still 159 games to play. 


Pujols & The bullpen


Albert Pujols is a beast.  If I was the kind of person who wondered if certain players were on illegal performance enhancing drugs, I might let my mind go there— HOWEVER, I am NOT that kind of person.

I’ll just bow down and say “I’m not worthy” when in comes to Pujols, and sit an reflect why he’s not a Phillie.

Anyway, I digress, so the Phillies lost their 2nd game in row last night and have already lost their first series of the season.  Ho hum.

Of course it is very early, and to make any statements like “THIS SEASON IS OVER… TIME TO JUMP OFF THE BEN FRANKLIN BRIDGE” seem a bit premature. I’ll wait until we are at least a week into the season before screaming that from the rooftops.

Of course, there has to be a reason for losing the first two games, and I would have to point the finger at pitching.  Everyone that follows Phillies baseball knows that pitching had a huge question mark over it over this season.  Our bullpen lost two excellent pitchers, Billy Wagner & Ugeth Urbina.  The Phillies could have folded and given into the demands of Wagner, but did not, and I have to say I was happy.  As much as I respect Wagner’s ability, let’s face it, he’s not 24 years old, with no history of injuries.  I thought what the Phillies offered was fair, he got what he wanted through the Mets so that’s life.

Urbina, is currently in a Venezulen jail for the foreseeable future, so there’s not a whole lot that can be done there. 


So our bullpen with those two key losses and couple that with the fact that Madson is out of the bullpen and into the starting rotation this year… there’s BIG holes to be filled out there.  The bullpen is filled with a bunch of old timers (Tom “Flash” Gordon & Arthur Rhoades) and young kids (Ryan Franklin, Aaron Fultz, Geoff Geary).

So far, pitching has been VERY unimpressive, and I PRAY to the baseball god “base ba’al” that he/she will have mercy on us the fans and send some help.  Otherwise, this will be a very long year…..



Sick Day!

I’m at home sick from work today.  Thought I’d post a few random things.

1.  I miss Randy Wolf.  My prediction that either Lieber or Lidle will see their last days with the Phillies by mid-summer and Randy Wolf will be back and inserted into the starting rotation.  I just hope he’s 100% then.  What?  Don’t remember who Randy Wolf is??  (Jeez, he hasn’t been gone that long!)  Here’s a pic to remind you.


Okay, so this a more causal pic, but he looks adorable so it’s okay.  Love the shirt by the way Ran….

2.  I’m predicting the Phillies will WIN the NL East.  I know… I know that’s a pretty bold prediction in light of the fact that they got their butts handed to them Monday (courtsey of Jon Lieber) 13-5.  But I remain optimisic.  I’ll wait until next week when they are 0-6 to say the season is OVER.

3.  My guys:  Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, & Bobby Abreu.  Watch for these guys.  They will FINALLY be the offensive powerhouses that we knew they were all along.  These guys are STUDS and all-stars. 

Ryanchase_jimmy Pict0068_1 Pat_june_05_1

4.  So I know everyone is wondering how long J Roll’s streak will continue.  Well let me first to tell you that he will BREAK the streak by two games.  He will hit in 59  consecutive games (not counting the 5 months break in between).  Don’t ask me why I feel this way, I just do.  Go Jimmy!

5.  It’s time to win.  World Series… here we come!